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Nice Flowers (Natural Birch Bark picture)

Nice Flowers (Natural Birch Bark picture)

Our Price: $150.00
Name: Nice Flowers
Medium: Natural Birch Bark, outer side. Unique piece of Bark. 
Size: 7x10 inches

Stalina Roubinova, goes to the forest and looks for the pieces of Birch Bark with fascinating patterns, texture, different colors on a dead tree. This inspires her imagination. This is the most difficult job, extremely time- consuming but at the same time very rewarding. It could take her days, weeks, months or years. Sometimes she uses moss, fungi, nodes etc. that naturally grows on a bark. The interesting bark can be on the outside or the inside. Although it is very important part of the work, it is still just the beginning. The next stage is to clean the bark, to flatten the pieces, to dry them and spray on several protective layers of fixative. Birch bark is fragile. Just one wrong move ruins all the preparation and there is no way you can find the same image twice. Every single piece is one of a kind.